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Consulting Services

We help you develop a tangible strategic plan from assessment to implementation based on your specific sustainability concerns. We also help you showcase your green transitioning to the customer.



Sea Going Green offers expert-led, full day workshops to help management and staff understand why sustainability matters to them and the bottom line.


Speaking Engagements

Whether you are looking for a sustainability conference key-note speaker or a guest lecturer on building a green business; Sea Going Green is able to deliver concise, content-driven presentations on a multitude of sustainable tourism related topics.

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Inclusive and sustainable economic growth

Today, the tourism and travel sector is one of the most powerful drivers of global economic growth and development.

Global international tourist arrivals in 2018 exceeded 1.4 billion, reaching this mark two years ahead of 2010 forecasts. Additionally, the World Travel Tourism Council’s forecasts that the future of travel and tourism will support 400 million jobs and contribute to 25% of global net job creation.

The infrastructure required to sustain this growth in economic activity has increased pressure on natural resources, biodiversity, and local communities. However, when properly planned and managed, sustainable tourism can contribute to improved livelihoods, inclusion, cultural heritage preservation, natural resource protection, and promote international understanding.

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Environmental Protection

"A destination ultimately loses its profitability when it loses it’s beauty.”

The tourism industry continues to grow while global natural resources suffer. Scientists estimate 90% of coral reefs could die by 2050, equating to a value loss of more than $30 billion (USD) globally per year.

Promoting bio-diverse resources through sustainable tourism development is not just a moral imperative, it is also a highly profitable business decision.

Ecotourism’s exponential growth is due to consumers’ increasing demand for transparent, responsible decision making.

According to contemporary polls, 73% of millennials and generation Z are more likely to pay for sustainability and expect companies to take action to improve environmental factors.


resource Efficiency

With a rapidly growing global population and increasing commercialization, efficient and responsible use of finite natural resources will become necessary to support continued global growth.

From the tropical beaches of the Saint Martin islands to the canals of the Netherlands; businesses around the world, especially in the tourism industry, will be affected by impending environmental regulations and taxes.

Stakeholders in the tourism sector will be disproportionately taxed and fined because of their transboundary nature and frequent use and dependence on natural resources.

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