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Download this tourism industry report that’s produced by Sea Going Green in cooperation with World Economic Forum.  Read about the impact that this industry has on marine life and read more about opportunities arising for travellers, companies and public organisations.

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ocean conservation

Founded by marine biologists.


Born from a lifelong connection to the ocean & love of globetrotting.

Even if you never have the chance to see or touch the ocean, the ocean touches you with every breath you take, every drop of water you drink, every bite you consume. Everyone, everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent upon the existence of the sea.
— Sylvia Earle


It is rapidly growing. International tourist arrivals reached 1.4 billion in 2018 , 2 years ahead of forecasting, and is predicted to reach 1.8 billion by 2030.

It already accounts for 10% of the worlds GDP. The business volume of tourism equals that of oil exports or ‎food products.

It is responsible for 2,000,000 jobs: one in every eleven jobs on the planet!

It represents one of the main income ‎sources for many developing countries.

Businesses with the foresight to embed green practices in to their operations before they are baseline requirements will gain a competitive advantage. 

Going green will inspire customer loyalty as businesses are now expected to take action to improve social and environmental factors. 

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why tourism matters