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Sea Going Green organized our  first beach clean up during our Trade Mission in Saint Martin along with EPIC foundation, 4Oceans & Bucanneer's Beach Bar. We were able to pick up 100kg of trash with 17 volunteers in an hour at Kimsha beach!

Check out the article by PIM-NH for more details about the trade mission and how we want to empower the tourism industry to build back better in Saint Martin. 


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The Daily Herald reports on Sea Going Green winning the 1st prize to attend the trade mission in Saint Martin for Build Back Better Week SXM.


Bonaire Nieuws Nu reports on Sea Going Green winning the 1st prize to attend the trade mission in Saint Martin for Build Back Better Week SXM.



Thanks for the shout out Sprout, inspireert ondernemers ! 

Check out their article about Build Back Better Week SXM and Valerie Vallenduuk 's thoughts on what's happening over in Sint Maarteen post-hurricane.

#GoGreenForTheBigBlue #SustainableTourism πŸŒŠπŸ 


The Influenced By Nature nature podcast interview of our founder Ally DS is out! 

Check it out in the link below for the podcast, or find it in itunes or sound cloud by searching : Influenced by Nature !

#GoGreenForTheBigBlue #SustainableTourism



Founder Ally DS hosted an #AMA Ask me anything on AMAfeed !

She answered your questions on how she went from marine biologist to entrepreneur, some tips of how you can reduce your own plastic footprint, and more! 

#GoGreenForTheBigBlue #StartupLife #SustainableTourism


In honour of International Women's Day we are excited to announce that we have partnered with an amazing female founded sustainable brand which makes activewear out of Econyl ( a recycled plastic material, Solsoya ! πŸ‘πŸŒŠ

This beautiful yoga and activewear brand uses sustainable materials made out of recycled marine plastics! 

Read more about the amazing initiative of Solsoya and how they are revolutionizing the sustainable fashion industry while making everything in Australia with love, in our interview with lady boss Birralee Hassen below!πŸ‘‘

Check out their interview of our founder Ally DS here :



Founder Aleksandra Dragozet pitched at the  Amsterdam Student Investment Fund 's P!TCH event.

We had a great audience who great questions & feedback! 

Honoured to have won Best Design ! We have to give design credit to the talented De root Graphic design Amsterdam !

See you at our next pitch event! πŸŒŠπŸ πŸ˜‰

#GoGreenForTheBigBlue #SustainableTourism #OceanConservation#StartupLife

We are very excited to announce that we are a semi-finalist for the Philips Innovation Award and we will be presenting at the Innovation Market & Semi Final Philips Innovation Award !

Come join us on March 28th in Rotterdam to see us convince the jury to #GoGreenForTheBigBlue πŸŒŠπŸ 

#SustainableTourism #OceanConservation



We are so excited to announce that our founder Ally DS has been selected to go to Sint Maarten in March on behalf of Sea Going Green to participate in the trade mission to make Sint Maarten more resilient! 

We are so grateful for this opportunity & Present Your Startup - HaarlemValley & Build Back Better Week SXM, looking forward to meeting everyone else participating in the trade mission! 

We will also be organizing a beach clean up as part of the mission, know anyone she should meet or who would want to be involved? Drop us a line! 

It’s time to #GoGreenForTheBigBlue πŸŒŠπŸ !

In honor of International Straw Free Day, it’s time to #StopSucking

To add our commitment to #GoGreenForTheBigBlue we are excited to announce our partnership with Straw by Straw! πŸŒŠπŸ 

Read more about the amazing initiative of Straw by Straw on our blog and how they are reducing plastic straw consumption by offering sustainable alternatives!πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

Check out their piece about Sea Going Green by clicking Read More!  



We are excited to announce that we have partnered up with Conservation Guide!

Read their interview with Aleksandra Dragozet discussing Sea Going Green  and how we are promoting #Sustainable #Toursim ! 

StartupValley interviewed founder Aleksandra Dragozet about the latest challenges, our USP and more!

Check out the interview below !

#GoGreenForTheBigBlue πŸŒŠ



Thanks for the shoutout UvA Green Office , see their blog post about us below!

Check them out for the green initiatives going on at University of Amsterdam / Universiteit van Amsterdam


"ACE has taught me the power of networking" - marine biologist Ally Dragozet founded Sea Going Green, delivering #green transition strategies for tourism companies to manage natural ecosystems & marine life in a sustainable way. 

Check out ACE’s article about founder Aleksandra Dragozet's founding journey & experience going through ACE’s accelerator program and learning from ACE mentors how to build and grow an #impactful business!

#GoGreenForTheBigBlue πŸ 


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Climate Kic Catalyst course 2017

Sea Going Green took part  Climate-KIC β€˜s
Professional Catalyst Course "System innovation and the circular
economy in urban water management" in Valencia Nov 6-12th 2017!

We collaborated with other Policy-makers in regional and local governments and institutions, alongside Urban planners working for/in regional/local governments, and water utility and recycling facilities.

During the course we ran innovation initiatives to transform urban water management systems towards a more circular model. Changes in water consumption, the use and reuse of water from different sources, the wastewater treatment and the circularity of the model which is essential for our Green Transition Strategies we provide to tourism companies! 

After the course Founder Ally DS will be writing for to share her experiences about the course and how we will use it to continue challenging the tourism industry to #GoGreenForTheBigBlue πŸŒŠπŸ ! Stay tuned for the Blog Post!

#Spotlight #SGG #ClimateKIC #CatalystCourse

ACE Accelerator program

We are excited to announce that Sea Going Green is part of ACE β€˜s start-up incubator program starting October 2017! 

Our Founder Aleksandra Dragozet is excited to embark on this journey at Startup Village Amsterdam

Stay tuned for more updates on how you can #GoGreenForTheBigBlue! πŸ³πŸŒŠ



Accenture Innovation awards 2017

We have entered the Accenture Innovation Awards ! 

Support us in empowering the tourism industry to promote sustainable tourism and sustainable use of the natural environment!

VOTE & SHARE NOW! πŸ³πŸŒŠπŸ¬πŸ™πŸ»

#GoGreenForTheBigBlue #SeaGoingGreen #SaveOurOceans #AIA2017…/sustainable-tourism-through…/

International Alumni Network Netherlands : University of Amsterdam

Founder Aleksandra Dragozet spoke about the importance of building a powerful personal brand , especially in a start up, along side expert Adam Stones. The take home messages of this event were for developing YOUR own personal brand:
Three P’s : Promise, Personality, Perception
Seven Steps:

1. Ask Why
2. Brand Build
3. Online Profile
4. Network
5. Content
6. Grow
7. Evaluate



 United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, sea and marine resources for sustainable development.

Sea Going Green have registered our voluntary commitment to contribute to the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, sea and marine resources for sustainable development. 

Click on the link to read about our #OceanAction19243

#GoGreenForTheBigBlue #TheOceanConference #SDG14 #UNDESA#SustainableDevelopment #OceanOptimism


Duurzame Dinsdag top 100 sustainable ideas in the netherlands 2017

Thank you to Duurzame Dinsdag for listing Sea Going Green as one of the Top 100 Sustainable ideas of 2017 ! πŸ‘πŸ»
#GoGreenForTheBigBlue #SeaGoingGreen


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UNIVERSITY of Amsterdam Alumni career event panel

Founder Aleksandra Dragozet spoke about how working in the NGO sector ( at WWF-NL) inspired her to continue doing impactful work and ultimately why she decided to found Sea Going Green



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