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Plastic is not fantastic: Interview with Ally Dragozet and Straw by Straw

Reducing the environmental impact of tourism with Ally Dragozet

In 2018, worldwide international tourist arrivals (overnight arrivals) reached an estimated 1.4 billion, two years ahead of previous predictions. This is seemingly great news for tourism operators but what does this mean for the environment? How can the tourism industry improve its practices to offset harm to nature?

To find out, we interviewed Ally, the founder of Sea Going Green, a consultancy firm that specialises in sustainable tourism.

Read the full interview here.

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El turismo está dañando el océano. Esto es lo que podemos hacer para protegerlo

¿Qué significa el gran azul para usted? ¿Es un destino de vacaciones, una fuente de ingresos, una fuente vital de proteínas de 151 millones de toneladas para el consumo humano como para los 60 millones de personas que trabajan en la industria de la pesca marítima o un hogar para millones de especies? El océano tiene distintos significados para cada uno de nosotros, pero para todos nosotros, es una fuente de vida.

Check out our article featured by Tijuanotas here.

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Sea Going Green: Enabling Green Transition Strategies for Tourism Companies

We (One Planet Rating) recently met Aleksandra Dragozet, founder and CEO at Sea Going Green. Providing consultation services, SGG aims to alleviate the negative impacts of the tourism industry on the marine environment. Born in Serbia, raised in Canada, and spending her childhood summers on the coasts of Croatia, Ally’s international background sparked an early passion for traveling and ocean conservation.

Read on as Ally shares her journey, combining a love for travel, an education in marine biology, to a cause aimed at transforming the travel sector.

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Influenced by Nature x Ally Dragozet Podcast on Sustainable Tourism

How big an impact does tourism have on the oceans? And what can be done to make tourism sustainable? Ally Dragozet from consultancy company Sea Going Green answers all of our questions on how we can be all touristy but at the same time good and respectful for the environment and planet. 

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