Influenced by Nature x Ally Dragozet Podcast on Sustainable Tourism

sea going green podcast interview ally dragozet sustainable tourism

How big an impact does tourism have on the oceans? And what can be done to make tourism sustainable? Ally Dragozet from consultancy company Sea Going Green answers all of our questions on how we can be all touristy but at the same time good and respectful for the environment and planet. 

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"The tourism industry is 10% of the World's GDP. I really believe it has the power to be a catalyst for change"

Imagine diving in the Great Barrier Reef...without the reef? Unfortunately, this is a path we are on as 75% of the world’s coral reefs are projected to die by 2050. The ecosystem services provided by coral reefs alone are worth $30 billion annually.

Our guest this week is Ally Dragozet, founder and CEO of sustainable tourism consulting company Sea Going Green, who is on a journey to change the tourism-related destruction of the marine ecosystems. Sea Going Green promotes sustainable tourism through sustainable business.

Their mission is to alleviate the negative impacts tourism has on marine environments by offering consulting services to tourism companies. They help the companies to implement sustainable practices into their operations without hindering the customer service experience they provide.

Tourism can affect the environment in various ways, both through the infrastructure, the activities and the resources that are being used. Sea Going Green believe that a destination ultimately loses its profitability when it loses it’s beauty. So how do we make sure that we protect the natural environment when we go on holiday and respect all the wildlife that we see on our way?

Tourism can cause harm but it does not need to. Listen in on this episode with Sea Going Green and get ready to #GoGreenForTheBigBlue!