We offer consultation services, to develop Green Transition Strategies for Tourism Companies.


1.  Develop Your Green Transition             Strategy


The Green Transition Strategy translates the preferred alternative solutions into a specific, attainable and time-bound programme for successful delivery. It will outline what will be done, how it will be done and by when.  The proposal includes all of our available services and the phases in which they are performed including short,medium, and long term goals as we understand you can not #GoGreenForTheBigBlue overnight.


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2. Create alternative solutions


Within your Green Transition Strategy, we will create alternative solutions avoid, mitigate or compensate adverse impacts on biodiversity and the marine environment whilst making the most of the opportunities provided by the natural environment. 

We will provide a marine environmental report presenting the processes and outcomes of the impact assessment and alternative solutions.


Development of a responsible marine tourism plan, specific to the services you provide, ensuring marine environment integrity whilst enhancing the customer service experience you provide. This is includes a review and analysis of your companies' current operations, local and national environmental policies and best practices in your particular field in order to develop a plan that is relevant for your company’s green challenge. 


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3. Conduct an impact assessment


The impact assessment is a process that allows us to identify and evaluate the impact and pressures of current operations on the marine environment and set objectives. It helps us to answer questions such as,

Is there adequate data about the state of the environment in your area?

Are operations dependent upon a natural resource or ecosystem service?

What are the likely environmental effects, good and bad, of operations?

 Are operations highly reliant on the provision of a specific ecosystem service?

Are operations at a specific scale or area?


This is the implementation stage of your Green Transition Strategy, including training & capacity development to embed a culture of respect for the integrity of the ocean within your company and brand positioning to identify opportunities for new initiatives and partnership development for responsible tourism ventures that will promote ocean conservation. Partnering with reef-safe brands and companies advocating for ocean protection will raise awareness of your companies commitment to #GoGreenForTheBigBlue


5. Evaluate


“A destination ultimately loses its profitability when it loses it's beauty”


An evaluation is important for reviewing initial documentation and determining if objectives have been achieved including :


Development and implementation support of strategies to qualify for relevant accolades and awards. This is a way to gain recognition for your company, enhance your 'green' credibility and attract more customers.




"Ocean Health is our health. The Ocean Touches nearly every aspect of our lives- making it essential to the economic, social, ecological, well - being of everyone, everywhere."

-Ocean Health Index


Is your company ready to #GoGreenForTheBigBlue?