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Environmental Impact Assessment

Tourism is quickly becoming one of the most polluting industries worldwide. Organizations engaging in any tourism activities should work towards becoming more aware of their usage of resources to create a more sustainable experience, yet to continue providing excellent services.

Sea Going Green provides organizations with an environmental impact assessment, which allows us to identify and evaluate the impact and pressures of current operations on the environment. Together with the organization, we set objectives accordingly with the aim of providing more environmentally sustainable tourism experiences.

The environmental impact assessment consists of a carbon footprint analysis, a full plastic audit and a material flow analysis.

  • The Carbon Footprint Analysis measures the total amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted at different stages of your service or product’s life cycle by using the newest assessment methodologies.

  • A Full Plastic Audit will analyze and reveal costly waste problems to help you unlock potentially new revenue streams.

  • A Material Flow Analysis will measure everything which goes in and out of your company, to help us identify main CO2 contributors.

Tourism can cause harm but it does not need to. Is your company ready to #GoGreenForTheBigBlue?

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