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Aleksandra Dragozet      Founder & CEO

Ally's international background sparked an early passion for travelling and ocean conservation. She was born in Serbia, raised in Canada, and spent her childhood summers on the coasts of Croatia.

She achieved her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Anthropology, Biology & Environmental Biology at the University of Toronto where she gained a wealth of theoretical knowledge and hands on practical skills.



 She also spent a semester on exchange at the National University of Singapore. It was a research project concerning the effects of heavy metal pollution on beluga whales that inspired her to pursue an academic career in marine biology.

At the University of Amsterdam, when completing her MSc in Oceanography & Limnology, Ally was part of the WWF -NL team that lead a reintroduction program of rays in the Dutch North Sea.


Ally has scuba dived off the coasts of Curacao, Thailand, and the Netherlands and has worked as destination staff for one of the largest group tourism companies in Canada. It is these experiences, coupled with her marine biologist expertise that drives her commitment towards #sustainabletourism.



Sea Going Green is made up of a team of talented professionals devoted to Sustainable tourism.


Melissa Novotny
Business & Partnership Development Manager

Rianne Fernandes
Dutch Sales & Partnerships Intern

Flor Rojas

Hanneke van't Veen
Research Intern

Hanna Dijkstra
Blog contributor

Silvia Sarapuu
Social Media Intern

Michiel Smit
Legal advisor 


Grace Baldwin
Blog Contributor

Alexa Ibadlit

Research Intern

Leaira Redondo

Research Intern

Beth Alexander

Blog Contributor

Alexandre Imbot

Research Intern

Adrian Porter

Research Intern




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