Consulting Services

Sea Going Green helps companies capitalize on the economic, social, and environmental benefits associated with sustainable tourism development.

Several of our core offerings are detailed below:



Environmental Impact Assessment

A process that allows us to evaluate the impact of current operations on the environment and set objectives accordingly.

- Carbon footprint analysis
- Full Plastic Audit
- Material Flow Analysis



Green Transition Strategy

Recommendation of short and long-term solutions that avoid, mitigate or compensate adverse impacts on the environment and best meet your needs in terms of budget, resources, goals, and stakeholder demands.



Environmental Workforce Training

Creation of an environmental training module to embed a unified vision of sustainability throughout your team. This training will seamlessly integrate sustainability within your teams’ roles and responsibilities by increasing awareness and respect towards the environment.




We finish our Green Transition Strategy by leading you through the process of receiving the Oceanic Standard verification. Our partner, Oceanic Global, grants this certification to companies which implement specific measures to reduce their environmental footprint.




We help you set up strategies to promote and communicate your sustainable efforts to your marketing channels and social media.
We also facilitate partnerships with other sustainable initiatives by sharing our extensive network with your business.


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