Taking Drinking Water to the Next Level: Introducing Aquablu

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This week, we’re excited to announce Sea Going Green’s partnership with Aquablu, an innovative water filtration system looking to change the way that we access clean drinking water, leaving bottled water in the dust.

Aquablu allows for customers to tap into polluted or otherwise non-drinkable water and filter out micro-plastics, chemicals, antibiotics, heavy metals and more. This technology can even be used on board marine vessels such as cruise ships and luxury boats, which by using this product helps lower their CO2 footprint and mitigates the risk of plastic bottles (and caps) ending up overboard!

Read more about Aquablu in our interview with the founder, Marnix, and see for yourself how this could be a great addition to your home, office or boat!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how Aquablu was started.

When I was little, water always fascinated me. Being raised in a small village between the dunes in the Netherlands, having safe drinking water from the tap had always been a given. Whenever I travelled, I could just not understand why even an hour flight away, I was restricted to drinking bottled water. Obviously not at the time, but based on the same mindset, Aquablu was founded. Why buy bottled water, when you can have an even better quality water straight from your home tap? After years of testing and prototyping, together with Wageningen University, we implemented our first systems at schools, hospitals and farms. This was the start of a product that currently finds it’s way into homes, hotels, restaurants, healthcare institutions, yachts and expedition vehicles all over the world!

What is your mission at Aquablu?

Our mission is to provide safe drinking water to everyone, everywhere! With our unique and patented quality control technology, we allow people to enjoy pure water without worries. Sustainable water treatment technology, that’s what we stand for. 

What is Aquablu and what is it trying to achieve? 

Aquablu is the company behind the products that shape the future of water treatment technology. Having designed a unit that is unique in its category, we give people back their control over their water quality; decentralization of purification! Our technology allows our customers to tap into even the most polluted forms of water. Chemicals, drugs, heavy metals and even micro plastics don’t stand a chance against our filter systems. No family, hotel or cruise ship, should ever have to rely on bottled water as it’s source of safe drinking water. Our proposition allows businesses to increase their profits while lowering their carbon footprint!

How does the technology work? 

Our product line reaches from an under sink unit (with the size equivalent to a shoe box) to a containerized system, which can provide a whole village with safe drinking water. All are based on three stages: pre-filtration, purification and remineralization. As all purifiers are based on the same technical principle, we use the animation of our most compact system to give a step by step explanation:


  1. Contaminated water flows through our pre-filtration kit to remove large contaminants

  2. The water enters the system and is pressurized over our unique spiral wound membrane. Customizable to every raw water quality, our membranes remove contaminants up to 0.0001 microns in size. This includes viruses, antibiotics and micro-plastics

  3. Our quality control technology guards the system by monitoring the flow, conductivity, pressure and temperature of the water. This data can at any time be accessed by using the Aquablu App. 

  4. Water that lost in the purification process is rejected by the system

  5. Before the water reaches the tap, extra minerals are added by our remineralization cartridge to ensure great taste (Alkaline Ph8+)

Who is your primary market for each of your three standard product models? 

Currently our primary markets are the home and hotel & restaurant industry. With the options to include sparkling and chilled options to your purifier, we have seen a strong increase in demand from the Hotel & Restaurant industry. Many business chose to bottle their own drinking water in order to become more sustainable. Sustainable both in economic and environmental sense.

What do you think Aquablu can bring to the table in regards to marine sustainability?

Plastic bottles are a waste of money, effort and space. Knowing that 40% of the marine litter comes from the maritime sector, it should be no surprise that many of these bottles (or caps) end up in the ocean. Our system directly replaces the need for any plastic bottles on board yachts. In combination with a water maker, we can even allow you to turn sea water into drinking water. A never ending source of water, doesn’t that sound appealing?  

Where do you hope to see Aquablu in 5 years? 

On land, sea and in the air! 

For more information about Aquablu, please visit their website here.