Sustainable fashion for good


In honour of International Women's Day we are excited to announce that we have partnered with an amazing female founded sustainable brand which makes activewear out of Econyl a recycled plastic material,Solsoya!


Australian made and owned, Solsoya is an activewear label with a difference. Promoting a healthy mind, body and planet, Solsoya aims to make a difference by being part of the change. 

Solsoya is shifting consumer awareness, surrounding slow and sustainable fashion. Solsoya uses a unique fabric of regenerated plastic bottle, fishing net, old carpet and clothing fibres. Bold colours recognisable to the label emanate a sense of lighthearted fun, appealing to the wearers inner child and reminding them not to take this life game too seriously. 

Join Solsoya as they pave the way for labels and consumers to act and live consciously on our one precious planet. 

Check out our interview with the founder Birralee Hassen !

Introduce yourself! Who are you & what do you do?

I’m Birralee, I’m the founder and creator of Solsoya. Solsoya is an ethical active and swimwear label that seeks to promote a healthy mind, body and planet.

What inspired you to start Solsoya?

My passion for surfing and yoga was my initial inspiration. As Solsoya has evolved and so have I, I have discovered the many ways in that the fashion industry is lacking in responsible awareness. I wish to be a part of positive change, for the fashion industry, for the consumer, and for our environment.


Where did the name Solsoya come from?

My sister and I were in Sri Lanka and we were discussing business ideas, my yoga and swimwear in specific. “Just start writing down words that you like the look of, the sound of, the connotations that they are associated with” she said. We wrote down a whole page of words, one of them being the acronym SOYA, standing for Surf Or Yoga Activewear, and then I added the Sol (spanish for sun).


Why did you choose to use sustainable materials, and marine recycled plastic specifically?

I believe that we all have a responsibility to care for this earth that we are on, and for me it just made sense. When I started researching fabrics to use, I came across Econyl. I got so excited that I could use a recycled fabric, as well as manufacturing in Australia. The ocean is a massive part of my life. It brings me so much joy, peace and clarity. The current plastic pollution of our oceans is heartbreaking. I hope that by manufacturing using a fabric of regenerated plastic fibres it will lesson our human impact, and simultaneously raise awareness and bring about positive change.


What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Trusting in myself. There is a fear associated with running a business. A fear of failure, a fear of not being good enough, of not knowing enough. I know that no great business owner was ever born with all their knowledge, they had to learn it along the way. So it is just trusting in the process, that growth times time. Knowing that I will grow with my business, at the correct pace to manage and make as much of an impact as possible.

Can you describe a typical work day for you @ Solsoya?

I don’t think there is a set typical work day, to be honest! Running your own business has so many little compartments that need taking care of. There are emails to be answered, orders to be wrapped and posted, website maintenance, furniture to be built for markets, photoshop edits to be done for new business cards, photoshoots, blog posts to write, certain relationships maintained, invoices paid, stocktakes, and much more.

I generally write my to do lists in the morning, and then just chip away at it throughout the day. My mind constantly feels like there is something to be done, which there is! But it is all very rewarding, and the best part is receiving feedback from customers that are happy with their product, and happy to be supporting a label which has their views at heart.

Check out their interview of our founder Aleksandra Dragozet here: